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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE TO ADVICE 16/3/20 Posted on 16 Mar 2020

Coronavirus / Covid-19


Covid-19 is caused by a cold virus, but gives symptoms more like flu. The majority of patients will recover after a brief, unpleasant illness. Some sufferers, though, will go on to be very unwell.




·      Fever (more than 37.8)

·      Aches

·      Cough

·      You may also have a sore throat and runny nose, but these features are less common than with other colds.


·      Some sufferers may go on to become short of breath, and may even need hospital Admission to help with their breathing.



What you should do


·      If you have symptoms of Covid-19 you need to stay at home and away from other people for seven days.

·      As with any other cold or flu, take paracetamol, ibuprofen or a cold & flu remedy such as Beechams or Lemsip.

·      There is no need to have a test for Covid-19.

·      You don’t need to contact your GP. GPs don’t have any tests for Covid-19. Antibiotics, steroids, inhalers and nebulisers don’t help and will not be prescribed.

·      You don’t need to contact NHS 111 or go to A&E.

·      Most people start to get better in less than a week.

·      BUT if you can’t cope at home or become short of breath, you should go online or call NHS 111 for care. The Covid-19 expert team will come to you or give you appropriate guidance.


·      Don’t call the surgery or go to A&E: Contact NHS 111.


Avoid catching or spreading the virus


Covid-19 spreads in droplets from sneezes and saliva.

The virus can survive for short periods of time on surfaces such as door handles and cups.


·      Coughs and sneezes spread diseases.

·      Always use a handkerchief or tissue.

·      Wash your hands with soap – you don’t need to use alcohol.

·      Avoid being too close to people who might cough or sneeze on you, and avoid shaking hands.

·      Don’t share cups or bottles.

·      Don’t sleep in the same bed as someone who has symptoms.

·      Avoid touching your face, especially your eyes, nose and mouth.